The Chatter Creek Pink Purse Award

A less than prestigious award for undistinguished behavior

Monday, April 04, 2005

The Pink Purse Award is a long-standing dis-honour awarded daily at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing for undistinguished behaviour below and short of the call of duty. It is most often awarded to cat skiing guests, but guides and cat drivers are also candidates for this less than covetted award. Although it is awarded each evening, the purse may change hands at any time that award-winning behaviour is witnessed by the current holder of the purse. However, each evening at dinner, by popular acclaim, the purse is transferred to that person who has most disgraced himself or herself during the course of the day.

Each snowcat carries it's own purse which is awarded to the members of the cat. The evening nomination and award process is entirely democratic with guests and staff participating on equal footing.

The Pink Purse is most often awarded for an event such as a fall in which a member holds up the party or otherwise makes a spectacle of himself. Skiing into a guide is a most deserving act. A cat driver could "win" the purse by taking a wrong turn and keeping the group waiting, or by driving over the guide's skis (has that ever happened?). A guide taking a tumble and having to be "picked up" by guests is particularly noteworthy. Everyone is a candidate. For those in the cat or on the hill, there is no place to hide.

Scroll down to see a number of Chatter Creek guests and staff who have been so dis-honoured, from time to time, to carry the pink purse. Please send the Chatter News your sordid tales of the Chatter Creek Pink Purse Award.

Friday, April 01, 2005

A Different Sort of Pink Purse Story

We are relating this story as it was told to us. It involves a celebrated photographer who happens to be featured on the Chatter News (not the Chatter Creek house photographer). We have written to this photographer asking for his side of the tale, but he has not yet responded. If he does, we will certainly pass on his viewpoint.

It seems that this photographer, who was at Chatter Creek on a photo shoot, found himself and his personal snowmobile at the top of a very steep slope with a snowcat working at the bottom. He wanted to descend the slope and radioed his intention to the cat driver. The cat driver heard a garbled message and asked for a repeat. The photographer interpreted this as a clearance and proceeded down the hill. Once on the slope, he was in "free fall" and had no control. While part way down the hill, the photographer realized the snowcat was backing up, into his path. There was no alternative than to "abandon ship". The snowmobile and the cat continued on their respective courses. The two machines met, with the snowmoble running into the side of the cat. Fortunately, no one was injured and the cat was not damaged. The snowmobile, however, lost the day and suffered unspecified "bruises".

In the evening, the incident was brought forward as a Pink Purse "event". There was hot debate as to the culprit. Was it the cat driver, or was it the photographer? Who deserved the Pink Purse? Who was at fault? A Toronto lawyer who was among the guests, came to the defense of the photographer and argued forcefully on his behalf. However, at the end of the day, the jury, being the assembled guests, voted unaminously to award the Pink Purse to...........the lawyer.

We would very much appreciated your comments and input. If you witnessed this, please tell us your version of events.
Eric of Whitefish Mont. and Bob and Chris of Calgary pose with their trophies. Throughout the tour, Eric avoided the Purse like the Plague. However, here is , for all his friends back in Whitefish, proudly displaying this symbol of ineptitude. Bob, who is a paragon of skiing and a pillar of the ski racing community, is an unlikely recipient of the Pink Purse. However, it seems to suit him. Irrespective of his behavior on the ski hill, by his evening performances Chris distinguished himself a deserving recipient of this cherished honour

March 18, 2005: Two proud recipients of the Pink Purse, awarded by popular acclaim for embarrassing and unbefitting behavior while cat skiing at Chatter Creek. Becoming!

Ian (on the right), a well known figure in certain Calgary circles poses with Ken, affectionately known as "Stinky". Stinky? There must be a story to that! Our informant says that the nickname, which follows him from prior Chatter Creek tours, fits him well! We'll assume it's the cigar!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Chatter Creek Pink Purse Award
A Pink Purse with an attitude. Some of the cats have dainty little purses. One cat has this brute. Skiing with it is a challenge. Megan kindly lets Brad carry her prize. She's that kind of person.
Megan gives away the Pink purse
Megan explaining to the assebly at dinner why cat driver, Don Norosky will start the next day carrying this "pig" of a Pink Purse. "Combine Don", standing beside Megan, does not seem to be thrilled at the prospect. A Manitoba grain farmer, Don is a great cat driver, but a little mishap on the way to the Windlip earned him this prize. Being stuck in the cat all day, it will be difficult for Don to find a new candidate and get rid of the thing.
Carrying the Pink Purse at Chatter Creek
Photographer, John Dougall catches Erin skiing with the BIG Pink Purse, wearing it like a backpack. Men have more of a challenge in carrying the damn thing.

A Sorry Tale of the Pink Purse Award

The Pink Purse and the Jay Peak Ski Patroller
It has been revealed that a Jay Peak Ski Patrol member, who was awarded the Pink Purse for behaviour unbecoming any self-respecting skier, contrived to lose the thing on the ski hill. Caught in the act by the tailgunner, this Jay Peak Ski Patrol member is reported to have begged and cajoled the guide to carry the purse down the hill for him, unused as he was to carrying any sort of pack. Hence, Ian's photo of guide Herb Bleuer, skiing up to the group carrying the Pink Purse at poles length, as if it were a dead skunk. Herb disdains the artifact and will never even pick it up, let alone perform any deed that would qualify him an award recipient.

Herb, being a man of outstanding character, said nothing of this sordid event, but others who noticed were agog. The sad tale has now been made public, not by our Jay Peak Ski Patrol member, but by his independent conscience, Tinker Bell. Shame!

Click the following for the full story of the Chatter Creek Pink Purse Award.
Web site editor Susan Staples wins the Pink purse at cat skiing at Chatter Creek
A backfield pass of the Pink Purse. However, Susan carries the purse with more aplomb than husband Scott.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

We think some people should not attempt to wear pink. Not even on an accessory!
Peter and his Pink Purse
On Peter, the Pink Purse is really quite becoming.

The Pink Purse looks so much better on some people than on others. Comments are welcome but, be nice!
The Chatter Creek Pink Purse cannot be taken home
We wonder if he took it to bed with him. Perhaps someone would leave a comment naming this gentleman. The stylishness of the Pink Purse has been improving over the years.
In situ award of the Pink Purse
A close encounter with a stump leads to the instant award of the Pink Purse. The prior holder was hovering like a vulture, looking for a fresh candidate.
A Chatter Creek guide and his Pink Purse
Chatter Creek guide (2004), Don Steedman skiing the East Ridge with the Pink Purse on his arm. Don was not with us in 2005, because of injury. We wish Don a speedy recovery and we hope he will be back soon, guiding us through the powder at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing.