The Chatter Creek Pink Purse Award

A less than prestigious award for undistinguished behavior

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Sorry Tale of the Pink Purse Award

The Pink Purse and the Jay Peak Ski Patroller
It has been revealed that a Jay Peak Ski Patrol member, who was awarded the Pink Purse for behaviour unbecoming any self-respecting skier, contrived to lose the thing on the ski hill. Caught in the act by the tailgunner, this Jay Peak Ski Patrol member is reported to have begged and cajoled the guide to carry the purse down the hill for him, unused as he was to carrying any sort of pack. Hence, Ian's photo of guide Herb Bleuer, skiing up to the group carrying the Pink Purse at poles length, as if it were a dead skunk. Herb disdains the artifact and will never even pick it up, let alone perform any deed that would qualify him an award recipient.

Herb, being a man of outstanding character, said nothing of this sordid event, but others who noticed were agog. The sad tale has now been made public, not by our Jay Peak Ski Patrol member, but by his independent conscience, Tinker Bell. Shame!

Click the following for the full story of the Chatter Creek Pink Purse Award.


  • At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok. I confess to the deed, but there was a LOT of powder between myself and that pesky purse! Special thanks to my rescuer of the purse.



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