The Chatter Creek Pink Purse Award

A less than prestigious award for undistinguished behavior

Friday, April 01, 2005

A Different Sort of Pink Purse Story

We are relating this story as it was told to us. It involves a celebrated photographer who happens to be featured on the Chatter News (not the Chatter Creek house photographer). We have written to this photographer asking for his side of the tale, but he has not yet responded. If he does, we will certainly pass on his viewpoint.

It seems that this photographer, who was at Chatter Creek on a photo shoot, found himself and his personal snowmobile at the top of a very steep slope with a snowcat working at the bottom. He wanted to descend the slope and radioed his intention to the cat driver. The cat driver heard a garbled message and asked for a repeat. The photographer interpreted this as a clearance and proceeded down the hill. Once on the slope, he was in "free fall" and had no control. While part way down the hill, the photographer realized the snowcat was backing up, into his path. There was no alternative than to "abandon ship". The snowmobile and the cat continued on their respective courses. The two machines met, with the snowmoble running into the side of the cat. Fortunately, no one was injured and the cat was not damaged. The snowmobile, however, lost the day and suffered unspecified "bruises".

In the evening, the incident was brought forward as a Pink Purse "event". There was hot debate as to the culprit. Was it the cat driver, or was it the photographer? Who deserved the Pink Purse? Who was at fault? A Toronto lawyer who was among the guests, came to the defense of the photographer and argued forcefully on his behalf. However, at the end of the day, the jury, being the assembled guests, voted unaminously to award the Pink Purse to...........the lawyer.

We would very much appreciated your comments and input. If you witnessed this, please tell us your version of events.


  • At 10:49 PM, Blogger TahoeUFOhunter said…

    You have to have a sense of humor, but this incident was not so funny. There's no question- (speaking as a Tahoe cat operator of many years) contact between people and machinery is no joke. The cat operator had the right of way because, 1. he was larger, and moving, and 2., the snowmobiler had no clear confirmation, thus no reason to think that the cat operator understood his intentions. That's a no-brainer! and the photographer should have gotten a pink footlocker for that one.


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